Sharpen your growth and innovation culture and competencies.


The Pando Potential


Objective: Apply five lessons of the Pando tree (the oldest living organism in the world … 80,000 years old) to build a nimble, sustainable social impact plan.

Who’s it for: Social ventures and nonprofit leadership teams seeking to increase growth and resiliency within a complex ecosystem.



The Marble Method

Objective:  Replace complex and cumbersome strategic planning processes with a simple, focused, actionable game plan to win – that is easy to understand, share and implement.

Who’s it for: Project teams tackling a bold goal, market launch, new product rollout or change initiative.

ID-8 (ideate)


Objective: Identify viable growth and innovation ideas by intersecting internal competencies and capacity with external market forces. Turn “what’s possible” and “what if” brainstorming into a tangible ideation matrix.

Who’s it for: Large cross-functional group that represent the brain-trust of an organization.

Innov-8 (innovate)


Objective: Bring a viable idea closer to market reality with a series of alignment activities that transforms “thinking” into “doing”. Design a simple, actionable roadmap for test or pilot launch.

Who’s it for: Project teams dedicated to a specific idea assignment.

POP Culture

Objective: Ignite internal culture that embraces growth and innovation with four humorous fortunes from Bazooka Joe®. Chew on simple advice like “Expensive Shoes Won’t Cure a Sore Toe” to stretch problem solving, decision making and collaboration skills.

Who’s it for: Cross-functional leadership groups seeking to ignite innovation and new approaches into everyday practice.