Flight support for early stage social ventures.


Currently in our Impact Incubator:

W.E. Leap

Purpose: Women entrepreneurs get real about what it takes to start a venture, sharing lessons learned and “oh shit” moments along the way. Listeners hear honest and candid insights from those that have “been there – done that.”

Platform: Podcast series.

Our Role: iFG Studios is supporting production structure, interview recruitment and underwriting strategies.

Tapestry Talks

Purpose: What happens when very different leaders from extremely different industries come together to discuss the same single “one word” topic … like competition, empathy, creativity or change.

Explore how diverse perspectives can weave together an interesting, and sometimes unexpected, tapestry of collective thinking.

Platform: Live facilitated panel discussion with interactive audience engagement.

Our Role: iFG Studios is supporting pilot program development, partnership strategies and live format production.