Discover the Five Secrets of Pando

Learn what this natural wonder can teach you about cultivating growth and resiliency – within yourself and your work.

The Pando Potential is designed to spark team building, creative thinking, problem solving and action planning – as well as personal reflection and expansion.

Using a series of “field guide” questions, participants learn tangible ways to apply Pando secrets to strengthen visioning, goal setting and strategic┬áplanning efforts.

Inspired by the nature, the Pando Potential uses simple, memorable concepts to inspire and engage participants to seed new ideas, embrace change, foster flexibility, prepare to perform, seek greater visibility and cultivate core values.


Each Pando Potential presentation is customized to your specific needs, adapting Pando’s secrets to fit your mission, audience, learning goals and unique ecosystem.

Contact us to schedule a Pando Potential Keynote, Quick Start Session or Workshop Intensive to help your team adapt and thrive under any condition.

"Seek the Light. Pando doesn't tolerate shade. Neither should you."

− Secret #1

"Cultivate your roots. Pando's root system far outlives its trees. Nurture what's below the surface as much as what's above."

− Secret #2

"Sprout when disturbed. Pando accelerates growth when faced with adversity. Be prepared to prosper when provoked."

− Secret #3

"Learn to quake. Pando's leaves move side-to-side while remaining vertically stable. Bend, not break, under high winds."

− Secret #4

"Host value. Pando nourishes and protects other living creatures. Become an irreplaceable leader within a larger ecosystem."

− Secret #5